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20 December 2008 @ 02:31 am
[Twilight] Apple Scented Body Butter (Edward/Bella)  
Title: Apple Scented Body Butter
Author: Jane aka phoenix39
Rated: G
Word Count: 611
Summary: Edward and Bella go to the mall, where Bella explains to Edward that body butter is not really butter. Yeah, this is kind of corny.
Notes: Emily and I were at the mall and had Twilight on the brainzzz and this fic kind of wrote itself. It's dedicated to Emily for her birthday. Happy birthday, Ems!

Edward brought me to a huge mall in the heart of Seattle. Ever since my move from Phoenix, I’ve had to settle for the quaint shops of Forks and Port Angeles, but Edward had surprised me by taking me to one of the biggest malls in the city. We had just finished canvassing the first floor and worked our way up.

The second floor had the food court, but Edward said we’d work our way there. Meanwhile, we walked through a Hot Topic where I bought a Linkin Park poster and Edward bought a new pair of Converse. After that, we walked through Barnes & Noble where we spent the good part of two hours sifting through the Clearance racks and reading opening paragraphs of random books.

We then moved onto the food court. Edward didn’t eat, of course, but he watched me eat a Taco Bell burrito topped off with a piece of apple pie from Baker’s Square. Apparently, I must have been making moaning and orgasmic sounds because Edward looked up from his book and asked me, “what is so good?”

“Apples!” I exclaimed as I took another bite.

Edward rolled his eyes and went back to the life of Frank Sinatra… or some other guy who alive in the 50’s.

After I threw out my trash and put my tray on top of the garbage can, we linked arms and proceeded to canvas the second floor of the mall. There, my eyes feasted upon a Bath & Body Works. I tugged at Edward’s elbow as I entered the store. The smell of peony, brown sugar, cherry blossom, and many other fragrances hit my nose. I couldn’t resist spraying a bunch of bottles marked TRY ME. They all smelled fantastic. I really wanted to get some body butter and was contemplating on whether to get Brown Sugar & Fig or Cucumber Melon.

Just then, I heard Edward gagging. I looked over and saw his face scrunch like he had just swallowed a lemon, or in his case—he had swallowed a fingerful of the Country Apple scented body butter.

“Edward,” I asked. “What you doing?”

“You said apples were so good, so I wanted to try this stuff. I’d forgotten what they tasted like.”

I started to giggle hysterically.

“It’s not food, Edward.”

If he had blood running through his veins, then his face probably would have turned red in embarrassment.

“It’s body butter,” I continued to explain. “It makes you smell good and it moisturizes your skin, which is a problem we humans need to worry about. You take some with your finger,” I said as I demonstrated, sticking my finger into the TRY ME dish of the Country Apple that Edward had eaten. “And then you rub it into the dry areas of your skin.” I rubbed it into my crackly elbows.

It did make sense when I thought about it. Of course, he wouldn’t know. It’s not like vampires need body spray. They smell good no matter what. It’s in their nature. So, it’s likely that none of the Cullens had ever set foot in a fragrance shop. And Edward had probably never been in one when he was alive—if they even had those kinds of shops back then.

Edward leaned over and sniffed my elbow, wrinkling his nose.

“You don’t like it?” I asked.

“No, I don’t. It taints your scent. I like the way you smell without that stuff on you.”

“But I can’t let my skin crack and get all nasty.”

“I’ll love you no matter what condition your skin is in.”

He leaned down and pressed his cold lips against mine.
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the ( ANGRY ) p r i n c e s s: B.D.: Book: I heart Jasper/Alicespikeslustylove on December 20th, 2008 12:41 pm (UTC)
Aww, that is adorable. I snickered when Edward ate it. Why is it I can see him doing that.