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About the Comm

Welcome to my fanfic journal, Esse An Mente. Esse An Mente is Elvish for Beginning And End, which are the two most important parts of a story, experts say. Obviously, this is where I am going to post all of my fanfic from on. Most of what I write is angst or smut, but lately I've been trying to expand my horizons and write more fluff, action, and even comedy/crack.

About Me

My name is Jane. I have always loved to get caught up in stories. I started reading at a late age, but once I started, I couldn't stop. Since I could remember, even before I learned how to read or write, I loved creating stories. I loved to tell ghost stories with my friends and create fantasy worlds with crime fighting princesses and talking pet lions.

In recent years, I have been practicing my writing with the great people on the Internet with fanfiction. I'm working on several original stories, which I hope to get published one day.